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The First Nevada Unit is a chartered division of the National Association of Parliamentarians, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching, studying, and furthering interest in parliamentary law and procedure.
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 parliamentary procedure are always welcome.
Meeting Days & Times11:30 A. M.​
27 June 2024
205 E Nugget
Sparks, Nv.
Denny’s restaurant
In memory of Juanita Cox We are Moving to our new Website home.
It is now under construction.

What is a Parliamentarian?

A Parliamentarian is a trained and experienced authority in the functions of a deliberative assembly.

A registered Parliamentarian is a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians who has passed an in-depth examination on Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised.

A Professional Registered Parliamentarian is a Registered Parliamentarian who has demonstrated a broader knowledge of parliamentary procedure through structured education.Why study Parliamentary Procedure?To actively participate in meetings; to know when and how to express opinions and points of view in debate or discussion.

To acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of parliamentary procedure so you will be able to participate more effectively and decisively during meeting interaction.

To use the spirit of justice and fairness that is exemplified by parliamentary procedure at home and in the community.

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